Meiosis The Process That Adds the Spice 11_RICHARD_SPENCER.jpg

Variety is the spice of life! In the living world, one of the main sources of genetic variety is a special type of cell division called meiosis, which is used to create gametes (sex cells) and genetic variation. In the spirit of variety, I have created and compiled a wide range of learning resources to help you to find out about meiosis........

read about meiosis (Notes) & follow a presentation (Video);
sing the Meiosis Calypso (Song) & move to the steps (Dance);
find meiosis in anthers (Practical) & make a unique baby (Simulation);
sort the card game challenge (Jigsaw) & sequence the stages of meiosis (Mixed Up);
watch animations (YouTube) & test your knowledge (eCrossword);
play the eGames (Fling Quiz & Arrange It! Order It! Pair It!).

There's something for everyone!
So, spice up your learning!
Enjoy your eLearning journey into the wonderful world of meiosis................

Doc Spencer