Meiosis Jigsaw
Take the hexagon jigsaw puzzle challenge!
  • Print off the 1st document (top left). This has 24 triangles for you to cut out. Each triangle has statements and answers on.
  • Match the statements and answers on different triangles to complete a puzzle in the shape of a hexagon.
  • The 2nd document shows the general jigsaw format.
  • The 3rd document is a table of correct matches (statements & answers).
  • The 4th document is the solution in the shape of a hexagon puzzle.
  • The photo shows a student in action!

Teacher Notes
The FormulatorTarsia software to create jigsaw (and other card games such as dominoes) can be downloaded free from Hermitech Laboratory. Although invented for mathematics teaching and learning, the jigsaw can be used for any topic in any subject.